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Les Bohem

Moved to Duarte

Artist:     Les Bohem

Album:     Moved to Duarte

Label:     jackrabbitday Records

Release Date:     12/09/2016


You may know Les Bohem from the ’80s bands, Gleaming Spires and Sparks. Or maybe you are currently binge-watching his recent creation, Shut Eye, on Hulu. No matter how you know Les Bohem, it’s just important that you do know his name.

Coinciding with Shut Eye’s debut, Bohem is also releasing an album of folk songs this week, Moved to Duarte. His screenwriting credits include Taken and Dante’s Peak, but his experiences in the LA music scene are what brings him back to songwriting. It’s no doubt that Bohem is a storyteller, evident in tales he spins throughout this debut solo release.

“The Moral Premise” and “Bruce Springsteen Dyes His Hair” are some good ones to listen to if you’re just interested in a sampling (and can’t pull yourself away from Hulu). Overall, the sad, depressing melodies on this album aren’t the best tunes to listen to during the cold winter months. However, Bohem’s distinguished status and clever writing make this a must-have… and for that reason, you should go buy it.

-Brenda Hillegas

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