MODO Bass Synopsis for the Patience-Impaired

But you should really read about all the MODO Bass can do


By Jonny Rosch

I really love MODO Bass.

The MODO Bass not only simulates the sound of the electric bass beautifully, but also gives you the control to recreate the act of playing the bass. These are the tools that give us the ability to create music in ways we never could have imagined–now you can play or write things that are physically impossible for a bass player to play.

The bass samples and sounds I have been using to date have all sufficed, but frankly nothing ever rang my bell. It is no small statement when I say that those days are over for me. MODO is that good.

Cost:  This product is worth it!  $300 for download (€282.74 or £238.29) or $330 for the USB Drive version.

Click HERE for the Unabridged, lots-of-useful-info version.

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