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Stream Saints Eleven’s Texas Country Album, “Coming Back Around”


If you aren’t from the Lone Star State, here’s a little lesson in how things are done… country, Americana, blues, bluegrass, punk and pock… well that’s just Texas Country, and Saints Eleven is servin’ it up hot.

The Dallas based trio formed in 2011, and is made up of Jeff Grossman on vocals and Rhythm/Lead/LapSteel guitar, Jeffrey Mosley on bass and Alex Shepherd and drums. Since their start, they’ve released two previous albums, 2013’s I’ll Be Fine and 2015’s I Told You, winning the hearts of Texans with their truly original honky tonk to hard-rock blend, ranking on the Texas Music Chart and scoring seven radio singles.

For their latest album, Coming Back Around, out January 13th, the band scaled back a bit from their full throttle style, opting for a more introspective mode, ruminating on life in all of its facets– growth, loss, roots and redemption. The album was produced by Walt Wilkins, who Grossman proudly calls “the Texas country Jesus.”

Wilkins talks about getting involved with the group, saying, “I was drawn first to Jeff’s voice– real and raw and wild, with a wide sky of emotion. Then, I started getting these songs-well-crafted stories about real folks in this real world, with all of its complexities and hard edges. His writing voice is unique, clear and strong, and the band played for keeps. I dig these guys. It was a real ass-kicking pleasure to make this album with Saints Eleven.”

Today, Elmore is thrilled to be exclusively streaming Coming Back Around. The album is stunning in its lyrical honesty, each song fully formed and delivered with the attitude of a well worn journeyman reflecting on the places and people of his life to date. Each member of the trio balances the others like a well-oiled machine, with the twang of guitar, the cry of fiddle and slam of drums building into the album as a whole with both humor and heart. 

Below, you can also check out an interview Grossman did with Made in Texas Radio, in which he chats about working with Wilkins, cutting the record and the unexpected fan reaction to “For Those Who Came.”

Connect with Saints Eleven via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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