Hear Americana Duo Mouths Of Babes Profess Their Love On New Track

Mouths Of BabesWhen you take one member of roots threesome Coyote Grace and one member of Brooklyn folk-rock band Girlyman, you get Mouths of Babes, a sweet Atlanta-based Americana duo. Ingrid Elizabeth and Ty Greenstein met when their bands toured together just a few years ago and have since pooled their talents to share a life of love and music. Their real-life romance translates to their music, especially on “The Red Carpet”, a new track off their upcoming full-length record, Brighter In The Dark, releasing at the end of this month.

“The Red Carpet” opens with a thumping percussion and subtle strings, a gorgeous, sneaking intro leading to sweet, simple vibrato singing “I loved you in London, baby/I loved you in Rome/I loved you in New York City a long way from home”. Next, powerful harmony busts onto the scene as Ingrid and Ty share their soulful soprano and cool alto respectively. During the hook that doubles as a quick love story, constant instrumentation fills the empty spaces with shaking jingles and beating electric rhythms. Together, the duo create a catchy ballad full of tender melody, sweeping arrangements, and dreamy lyrics.

Listen to “The Red Carpet” below, connect with Mouths of Babes on Facebook, and get ready for their upcoming album:

-Savannah Davanzo

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