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Johnny Pisano

Everybody Gets a Slice

Artist:     Johnny Pisano

Album:     Everybody Gets a Slice

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     12/08/2016


Johnny Pi, as he is known to his multitude of fans, has been most conspicuous for the past few years as the high-flying bass player in legendary punk rocker Willie Nile’s band. With his first solo CD, he shows off his own major punk chops. Pisano’s voice has plenty of ferocious energy but good enough diction to audibly deliver the often clever lyrics. He wrote or co-wrote all but two of the nine “slices” of predominantly beat-thumping hard-rockers in the raging tradition of the Ramones and the Clash.

There are a host of clever anthems, like “The Know It Alls,” “All Fucked Up from Growing Up” and “(Don’t Want to Be Your) Midlife Crisis,” and even a sweet love song (as sweet as punk ever gets), “Maloveilove.” “Pilicious Bitches” is basically a frenetic pizza commercial riffing on Pisano’s nickname. Matt Hogan, from Nile’s band, inspired and co-wrote the song and also plays fiery guitar on the record, along with drummer Alex Alexander, who both played on it and produced. A breezy reggae version of Nile’s call-to-arms, “One Guitar,” brings the meal to a joyously funky conclusion, with Willie himself singing the last verse.

-Kay Cordtz

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