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Mick McConnell

Artist:     Mick McConnell

Album:     Under My Skin

Label:     Stuff Music Records

Release Date:     03/24/2017


This is one of those genuine gems that cross your path every now and again, albeit generally way too rarely. McConnell is a British guitarist-singer-songwriter with a keen blues edge and understanding. All ten tracks here are self-penned and feature his polished fretwork center-stage.

McConnell picks a mean Strat with bare fingers, giving his playing a particularly sensitive feel and no doubt leading to comparisons with another UK Strat master, Mark Knopfler, who is also noted for his preference for bare fingered-picking. And this is a comparison that is not far from the mark in many ways.

Under My Skin highlights McConnell’s cleverly crafted lyrics and delightful, soulful musicianship. Recorded in Nashville, the album was produced by Grammy winner Blue Miller and includes a host of Tennessee’s finest studio sidemen. The result is a truly exceptional and masterfully melodic offering. Punchy and powerful, it’s an album that might all too readily slip through the cracks and remain undiscovered by many. A tragic error and omission because Under My Skin by Mick McConnell is well worth searching out.

Iain Patience

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