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Eliza Neals

10,000 Feet Below

Artist:     Eliza Neals

Album:     10,000 Feet Below

Label:     E-H Records

Release Date:     02/17/2017


10,000 Feet Below is already riding high in blues charts in the US, Europe and beyond. With 11 tracks, the album is a glorious bit of blues-rock, with Neals’ classically trained voice roaring along, never missing a beat or note, even when reaching for the heights. Supported by no less than 16 (by my reckoning) quality sidemen, the solid, soulful work includes the fretwork of Neals’ partner, renowned guitarist Howard Glazer, a guy who sure knows his way around a resonator guitar.

Neals herself adds not only searing, scorching vocals but turns her hand to some mighty fine piano, keys and B3 when needed. Ten of the tracks are self-penned, with the added inclusion of a more traditional sound with Skip James’s Hard Killing Floor, here dusted down and given a markedly more explosive make-over than usual. This is an excellent, rocking album packed with rocking, rolling music and wonderful wailing guitar riffs, licks and chops.

Neals seems to have hit paydirt with this release, a bouncing, ballsy, raucous and riotous release that is bound to propel her into the modern, rock-blues spotlight on a well-deserved basis, if this album is anything to go by. A true delight.

—Iain Patience

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