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Jazzmeia Horn

A Social Call

Artist:     Jazzmeia Horn

Album:     A Social Call

Label:     Prestige

Release Date:     05/12/2017


Jazzmeia Horn was born to play the type of music you’ll hear on her debut album, A Social Call. Jazz is in her name after all (her grandmother, a jazz-loving pianist, gave Horn her fitting name). The Dallas-born vocalist’s stunning ability to channel the icons of the ‘50s and ‘60s will make any listener fall in love.

A Social Call’s first track, “Tight,” was done in just one take. Ever so swiftly, you’re introduced to the ease and clarity of Horn’s voice. “I Remember You” and “I’m Going Down” show off her impressive range and talents, great tracks toward the end of the album to leave you wanting more. You will get chills.

She tells stories and connects to people: “Do you recall the good old days?/We used to have a ball.” Her passion is in every note, every song (very prominent in “People Make the World Go Around,” a call out to our universe and those in charge).

This album is a joy to listen to, and Horn herself has said that you can hear how much fun she and her band had in the studio, just playing together. Pick up A Social Call and join in on her fun.

—Brenda Hillegas

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