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Premiere: Hymn River Suite has room for a Hillbilly Queen

Rattlin' cages at a honky tonk

Photo: Ash Dale

Brother-and-sister duo Hymn River Suite brews up Hundred Proof music, intoxicating but well-balanced. Siblings Justin Mathenia and Amy Snyder seamlessly trade off lead vocals and create beautiful, honest harmonies while blending fresh elements of traditional country and Southern rock.

The pair hail from the banks of the Mississippi River across from St. Louis, and they bring with them a lifetime of sharing, paring and honest Midwest values.  Justin Mathenia sings of his time spent in Iraq as a 50 caliber gunner, and Amy Snyder  shares the heartbreak of  waiting for her husband to return from the war in Afghanistan.

Being real also means knowing how to have real fun. “When we finished the new CD we played an ‘album wrap’ party in our hometown where we played the album start to finish live for the first time. The place was packed and we played probably five encores. The energy was off the charts,” Amy recalled.

Making the video was more fun than work, too. “We filmed the Hillbilly Queen video in our favorite little dive bar, McGee’s, in Madison, Illinois,” Amy to Elmore.  “The faux piano player in the video is Timmy, a daytime regular there. The “hell yeah” you see him holler in the bridge was how we kicked off every single take, the whole entire day, so every take started with everyone cracking up … every time. Shooting the video was really just an ideal Sunday afternoon for us—playing some music, having a few drinks and getting rowdy.”

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