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Jim Lauderdale

London Southern

Artist:     Jim Lauderdale

Album:     London Southern

Label:     Sky Crunch Records

Release Date:     06.30.2017


Twenty-nine. That’s how many albums this long time Nashville resident has graced his fans with now that London Southern is here for our listening pleasure. And what a pleasure it is.

London Southern starts off with “Sweet Time,” a song that has the jingle-jangle twang that all great country songs should have. “Don’t Shut Me Down” does the same; classic, fun country with fresh lyrics.

Lauderdale’s roots are in Americana but his experiences give us songs influenced by a variety of genres. “I Love You More” transports you to a jazz club and encourages you to pull your partner onto the dance floor. “You Came to Get Me” is straight out of Motown…or could be. “I Can’t Do Without You” has a hint of a big band backing that blends with a smooth country sound.

Odie Blackmon, Kendell Marvel, John Oates and Dan Penn have all contributed to London Southern which came together while Lauderdale was on tour in England and Scotland- places where much of the music he loves was born. He recorded this album at London’s Goldtop Studios.

By having his own label, Sky Crunch, Lauderdale has released one (sometimes as many as three) records every year since 1998. He has also written many songs for George Strait and is responsible for hits by Patty Loveless, George Jones, Mark Chesnutt and the Dixie Chicks. There’s so much more to say about Lauderdale’s music history and collaborations, but chances are you already know.

Lauderdale very much deserves to be a household name. From working in the mailroom and as a messenger for Rolling Stone magazine in the 80s to launching Sky Crunch in 2013, this man’s experiences have driven his creativity, perseverance and songwriting. Without Lauderdale, after all, would music even be what it is today?

—Brenda Hillegas

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