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Wild Change

Artist:     KALO

Album:     Wild Change

Label:     Something Blue Records

Release Date:     07.07.2017


KALO is a power trio built on strong melodies and rhythms with passionate vocals. Their sound is rock ‘n’ roll with a strong dose of blues and a hint of Americana, R&B and roots. They have honed their sound to perfection with the time-tested method of continued touring and performing shows headlining festivals and earning a name and a following through sweat, determination and electrified stage shows. Wild Change, KALO’s latest studio album is a joyful boisterous, bluesy, gritty rockin’ sound of flavorful tunes. The band is based in Oklahoma City by way of Israel and Kansas City and is comprised of Bat-Or Kalo (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Mack McKinney (bass) and Mike Alexander (drums).

“One Mississippi” is the opening track of the eleven-song set with Kalo and McKinney playing a catchy rhythmic figure together and Alexander providing a solid drum pattern that emphasis the two and four with great result. Kalo’s voice has just the right amount of grit combined with clarity that makes a believable front woman. Her song writing is witty and her forms are full of surprises.

“Isabel” displays Kalo’s guitar playing, with big full rhythm parts and bluesy fills and leads, Kalo’s command of the blues vocabulary is always lurking in her playing. Her voice takes on a more rock growl to it in her delivery style, which fits the songs theme nicely.

“Upside Down” is filled out with tight horn backgrounds and hits. Set to a slinky funky feel, Kalo’s voice blends perfectly with the horns. Her guitar playing is inspired and both McKinney and Alexander are full of groovin’ soul on this one.

Wild Change is passionate, creative, and supremely exciting in a rock, blues, Americana kind of a way. A helluva noise is created! KALO has a complete album experience, you’ll hear that something is very right here.

—Sylvannia Garutch


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