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Exclusive: Listen To A Lovely New Track From Folk Duo Big Little Lions

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Big Little Lions is a sweet folk duo made up of Helen Austin and Paul Otten, both successful songwriters who hail from very different parts of the world- Austin from the UK and Otten from Ohio. Thankfully, a music conference a few years back brought the two together, and the rest is history. Otten produced Austin’s solo album, Colour It, which went on to win a Juno Award, and the pair continues to collaborate, performing together regularly. Their sophomore release, Just Keep Moving will be released May 6th. Otten says of the upcoming album, “”I know every artist says their latest project is their best, but dammit I mean it. I think Helen and I have really settled in to a true, unabashed Big Little Lions sound and hit our songwriting stride. Can’t wait until this album finds its ways to people’s ears!” Austin adds, “agreed…  now that we regularly play this music live the writing and production have found a new cohesiveness. But I still can’t write lyrics with Paul sitting in front of me!” The duo’s enthusiasm for their next album is exciting, and we can only expect good things from here on out.

“Fills Me Up” is one of the tracks off their new album, and it really showcases the duo’s cohesiveness. The song is upbeat and feels effortless, with Austin and Otten vibing off each other perfectly as they sing about the joys of living, encouraging you to “breathe it all in.” You can see good things everywhere you look, “breathe it in/ breathe it out/ fills my life/fills me up.” “Fills Me Up” is a sugar-sweet take on the happiness of something most of us need practice at– just living.

Listen to “Fills Me Up” below.

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