Exclusive: Hollis Brown Premieres a California Country-Rock Track, “Cluster of Pearls”


Hollis Brown – who take their name from Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of Hollis Brown” – is an American rock & roll band formed by songwriters Mike Montali (lead vocals, guitar) and Jonathan Bonilla (lead guitar), a pair of second generation immigrants from Queens who, despite different origins, formed a solid bond of friendship over their love of rock ‘n roll. Not long after the two began playing around with their songwriting skills, they recruited drummer Andrew Zehnal, keyboard player Adam Bock and bassist Scott Thompson—who hail from all over the country- to round out the line-up and officially form the band in 2009. Little did they know, their passion project among pals would soon spiral out of control, and within a few years they’d find themselves with an international fanbase, featured on Rolling Stone, playing sold out stadiums. Since their 2013 debut, Ride On The Train, the guys have put out a number of releases, including Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, their tribute to the Velvet Underground’s classic album, and toured across the US and Europe, sharing stages with the Zombies,  Nikki Lane, Heartless Bastards and the Black Crowes. Now they’re gearing up to release their latest EP, Cluster Of Pearls, on Alive Naturalsound Records, which was chosen as one of only 300 select releases throughout the world for Record Store Day 2016.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Cluster of Pearls,” the title track from the band’s upcoming release. It’s a shuffling, heartbroken California-country anthem spruced up by vibrant, fuzzed-out slide guitar. Montali’s wounded warble is sure to strain the heartstrings of listeners, forcing them to croon and sway along, feeling every emotion he’s expressing in the track as he sings “we were young… and we were foolish too.” The mellowness is maintained throughout the track, creating a room-spinning trance that never wavers.

You can purchase Cluster of Pearls on August 26th. Connect with the guys on their website and Facebook, and look out for them at next month’s Americana Music Festival. Give “Cluster of Pearls” a spin below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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