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The Black Crowes Break Up

The Black Crowes are no more. The classic-leaning rock band, who last played together a year ago, announced that they were officially breaking up yesterday. The announcement comes from guitarist Rich Robinson, who says that the breakup came about after his brother Chris made “untenable” demands.

“It is with great disappointment and regret that after having the privilege of writing and performing the music of the Black Crowes over the last 24 years, I find myself in the position of saying that the band has broken up,” Robinson said in a statement first released on Rolling Stone. “I love my brother and respect his talent, but his present demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100 percent of his share, reducing him to a salaried employee, is not something I could agree to.”

Founded in Marietta, Georgia, the Black Crowes hit it big right out of the gate with their debut album Shake Your Money Maker, which spawned the radio hits “Hard To Handle” and “She Talks To Angels.” Over the course of their career, the band released nine albums and weathered ongoing tension between the Robinson brothers, but it seems like it became too much for both to bear.

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