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Andy Partridge

I can’t vouch for Andy Partridge as a person because he seems certainly cool enough and doesn’t hog the headlines with either genius or scandal, but he is one of … Read more

bobby rydell

Bobby Rydell

Most baby boomers remember Philadelphia native Bobby Rydell. Though they may not recall many details, the mention of his name at this point in time triggers fond memories of their … Read more

Don't All Thank Me At Once

Brett Milano

This may be the only music biography I’ve read where the subject profiled seemingly never courted controversy of any kind. Sure, there’s a segment relaying late Game Theory/Loud Family frontman … Read more

dig that beat

Sheree Homer

If you’re old enough to have been listening to the radio in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, you probably heard songs like Dodie Stevens’ “(Tan Shoes and) Pink Shoelaces” … Read more

punk rock, marky ramone, the ramones, punk rock blitzkrieg

Marky Ramone with Rich Herschlag

Drinking, drugging, stabbings and frying up some Iams dog food. Trading sneakers with Joe Strummer and mock gun fights with Clash bassist Paul Simonon. His dental plan is an easy … Read more


David Bergman – Bon Jovi: Work

David Bergman has 13 Sports Illustrated covers to his credit. Along with multiple Superbowls and Olympics, he has photographed six US Presidents and numerous celebrities, but Bergman’s longtime love of … Read more