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The Doobie Brothers: Listen To the Music

  The Doobie Brothers One of the most successful bands to come out of California in the ’70s, the Doobie Brothers’ history is one of success, breakups, hiccups, extensive touring, … Read more

Influences: Little Brothers, Big Dreams

Two songwriters, two kid brothers, two self-taught musicians, with multiple hits and several Grammy nominations, these two men write songs we’ll always remember. Chip Taylor Chip Taylor, born James Wesley … Read more

lloyd price, leo bud welch

Lloyd Price and Leo “Bud” Welch

  Born less than 300 miles and one year apart, Lloyd Price and Leo Welch followed very different career trajectories in the music business. Price went straight for rock ‘n’ … Read more

Billy Bob Thornton and JD Andrew

  Earlier this month, the roots-rocking Boxmasters, led by vocalist/drummer Billy Bob Thornton and guitarist JD Andrew, released their fourth album, Somewhere Down The Road, and are just now wrapping … Read more

The Blasters, Common Ground: Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin Play the Songs of Big Bill Broonzy, Phil Alvin, Dave Alvin, the Alvin brothers, Big Bill Broonzy, rockabilly, Grammy nominees, Alvin brothers Common Ground, blues

Phil and Dave Alvin

                          Born two and a half years apart in Downey, California, the Alvin brothers—Phil (March 6, 1953) and … Read more