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The Struts

The first 40 or 50 seconds of the opening, title cut, with its repetitive riff and cheap-sounding rhymes gave me the queasy feeling that I was about to suffer through … read more

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paul simon

Paul Simon

“Voice” means very different things, depending on whether it refers to a vocalist or to a writer, but Paul Simon, a leader in both categories for over 50 years, certainly … read more


Karen Haglof

A country girl at heart, Karen Haglof slips into something more comfortable in “Cowgirl Clothes.” Picking out the first thing in the delightfully messy closet of vintage Americana and rugged, … read more

young mister

Young Mister

A more buoyant or effusive album would be hard to imagine, but given the obvious ambitions shared by Young Mister — or more precisely, the man behind the nom de … read more


Royal Southern Brotherhood

The old adage “three strikes and you’re out”  does not apply here but “try, try again” certainly does, as it seems that Royal Southern Brotherhood has found their best groove … read more


Levi Parham

The Oklahoma native son bursts forth with a fresh, vital sounding auspicious full album debut. Don’t let the title fool you, though– there may be subtle touches of blues influences, … read more


Tommy Womack

Think of the iconic singer/songwriter albums, and names like Dylan and Prine invariably come to mind. Their best works tell engaging stories, cynically comment on topical and political issues and … read more


The Explorers Club

While most of us are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys’ epic album Pet Sounds, one group of musicians is simply doing what they’ve done since their inception, … read more


Joe Purdy

From his own label, Mudtown Crier Records, Joe Purdy’s Who Will Be Next? is a prophetic lament about the dissidence and urgency facing Americans right now.  Very few artists do … read more

sulfur city

Sulfur City

Anyone going to Sulfur City should expect to find themselves smack dab in the center of a full-on ’60s blue-rock revival, where Lori Paradis holds court. A simmering, humid swamp … read more

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