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Lucky Strike Mama, Wentus Blues Band, Album Reviews, Blues Top Story

Wentus Blues Band


The Wentus Blues Band is a five-piece outfit from Finland, land of the midnight sun, saunas and Santa Claus. Finland is actually a country with a fine blues pedigree and … Read more

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Boo Ray, Sea Of Lights, Album Reviews

Boo Ray

The southern rock sound has been blowing up lately, and Boo Ray is kicking it up a notch or ten. Starting with “Redneck Rock & Roll,” the opener on his … Read more


Dave Keller

Vermonter Dave Keller has earned Blues Music Awards for each of his previous releases. 2014’s devastatingly powerful break-up record, Soul Changes, chronicled a difficult period of Dave’s life. This one … Read more


Greg Loiacono

Here I find myself on somewhat less familiar territory. Yes, I’ve heard a few songs from Mother Hips, but I am actually more familiar with the band because some of … Read more


Matthew Skoller

One of Chicago’s most in-demand harmonica players is back with his fifth solo release. If you’re not familiar with Matthew Skoller, absorb these credentials. As a producer, he has produced … Read more

Laurence Jones, Take Me High, Album Reviews

Laurence Jones

Laurence Jones, a young Turk of UK guitar with strong ability and a sure-footed understanding of blues-rock, is back with his fourth album. Partnered as usual with innovative and experienced … Read more


Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers

The unlikely named but suggestive Love Whip Blues is one of those albums that turn up from time to time from a modestly largely unknown source, but immediately grabs the senses … Read more


Billy Bragg & Joe Henry

Each year, early in my radio career, I did full three and five hour shows with railroad songs. It seemed so natural, and the allure of these songs just seems … Read more



Let it be stated here and now; Passenger, the nom de plume for singer/songwriter Michael Rosenberg, is a brilliant musician, one whose every offering evokes a sense of wide eyed … Read more

Luke Whittemore, Northern Town, Gold Ship Records, Album Reviews

Luke Whittemore

UK folk singer/songwriter Luke Whittemore leaves listeners wanting more with his debut release, Northern Town. Across the board, these six originals feature rhythmic nuances, skilled acoustics and mournful lyrics reminiscent … Read more