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The Loving Mary Band

Little Bit of Love

Artist:     The Loving Mary Band

Album:     Little Bit of Love

Label:     Round Hill Music

Release Date:     10/28/2016


If both the band title and the name of their debut album seem to suggest a warm and fuzzy feel, well, suffice it to say, that description doesn’t exactly hit the mark. While the Nashville-based outfit takes an upbeat approach, titles like “Drinking With You,” “Hungover” and “Broke, Not Broken” dispel any notion that they’re simply a giddy, good-time band. Given the fact that they got a gig early on backing Steven Tyler for his first solo outings, they come to this first collective project with ready-made credence.

Not that they have anything to prove — the members of the sextet bring individual honors, including extensive songwriting credits, TV and film contributions, hit songs and critical nods that include Grammys, recognition from the Academy of Country Music and support roles alongside major marquee names. That makes Loving Mary a confluence of talents, evidence of which shows up repeatedly on Little Bit of Love.

Of course, none of that would matter if that combined credibility produced songs that came up short on substance, edge or attitude. Happily then, album offerings such as “Little Bit of Love,” “Right Now,” “Tennessee,” the aforementioned “Broke, Not Broken” and “Drinking With You” and the radio-ready, Poco-sounding “We Got Love” not only show their resolve, but testify to their distinctive designs as well. Indeed, every selection is so infectious and exuberant, it’s all but impossible to shrug off the group’s obvious appeal. Loving Mary is an easy thing to do, courtesy of no less than an instant embrace.

-Lee Zimmerman


Stream “Where There’s Fire,” a track from the album, HERE

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