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Lauren Mitchell


Lauren Mitchell hails from the Tampa Bay area and is stepping on to the national stage with this effort showcasing her sturdy, growling, wailing natural blues voice. Making this album … Read more

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The Mavericks

Founded in 1989, the Mavericks are now pushing 30, but the Latin/country/rockabilly/rock/heartthrob band sounds as fresh as it did two breakups and nine albums ago (twelve, if you count compilations). … Read more

Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell has returned with his first solo work in three years after his chart-topping collaboration with his friend, Emmylou Harris. This may well be his most personal album yet, … Read more

Jessi Colter

Anyone who has ever seen Jessi Colter live knows she is prone to breaking out into praise and worship at times, like she just can’t help herself. And, though she … Read more

Stephane Wrembel

Gypsy jazz guitarist extraordinaire Stephane Wrembel is perhaps best known for “Bistro Fada,” the theme song from the 2011 Woody Allen Oscar-nominated movie, Midnight In Paris. Born in Fontainebleau, France, … Read more

Eric Bibb

Some musicians seem to achieve the near impossible by imprinting themselves in a memory with a flash of sheer individuality, a signature sound or something similar that makes them instantly … Read more

Blast Furnace Blues Festival

  Photos by Laura Carbone Eastern Pennsylvania’s devoted blues community showed up in enough force to make the sixth annual Blast Furnace Blues Festival a success, despite some horrific obstacles, … Read more