#20 September/October 2007


#20: September/October 2007FEATURES

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: Eureka! Whether from LA, SF or Bakersfield, California has let loose some of the most memorable American music in the last half century. Sex, drugs and rock and roll rule, whether you’re talkin’ Sex Wax vs. free love, or recreational vs. hard-core, garage vs. major label, you’ll find roots in the Golden State.

VILLAGE MUSIC CLOSES: John Goddard’s home to millions of hours of music will close September 30. Vinyl, posters, autographs, memorabilia, friendships and great live performances will disperse, but the memories of Village Music are timeless.


Paul AaronsonLetter from the editor: Re.Issues editor and writer Paul Aaronson has 50,000 LPs, but only 5,000 are “really important” to him. Find out why so many people are passionate about the old technology

Influences: Jose Feliciano & Carlos SantanaInfluences: Carlos Santana and José Feliciano take Spain’s most celebrated (non-alcoholic) invention and lift the music to new levels. ¡Arriba!

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Carl Gustafson on the dubious virtues of lubricating the vocal cords with beer

Festivals: Lakes, rivers, oceans east and west, mountains or downtown, upcoming festivals worth the journey

On The Record: The White Stripes create an Alternate Universe in just 700 MB: The question is, Do you want to live there? Del McCoury Band, on the other hand, shows us the way to Heaven. Willie Nile, Peter Rowan, Popa Chubby, Rodrigo y Gabriela and others remain earthbound—but barely.

Also Appearing: Southside Johnny gives his considerable all, Adam Gussow gives us a good read on life lessons learned on or near stages, and Bob, Bruce and Kenny Wayne on DVD

Re.Issues: Do you really know who Leonard Cohen is? Meet a low-key Renaissance man and his music. Foo Fighters, Mugwumps, Maynard Ferguson, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and a few more groups with normal names… just kidding, no normal names, just good music

Collecting: Sometimes you go to a record store not to buy, but to bond. Treasures Arnie Goodman found at Village Music and Finyl Vinyl, before they closed

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