#23 March 2008

#23: March 2008FEATURES

JOHN HAMMOND: Man of the Moment. This veteran bluesman has made his own history, and helped make history for others (including Hendrix and Dylan)—to the benefit of us all. John describes his trajectory from callow youth to his 30th album

VINYL REVIVAL: Cancel that tombstone, vinyl was only hibernating. Writer and history buff James P. Goss, whose next book will deal with records and record stores, takes a look at who’s been buying vinyl, and why


Letter From The Executive Director: Vinyl ForeverLetter from the Executive Director: One man’s journey from random record-shopping to a passion and career

John Sebastian & David Grisman: Less is MoreInfluences: Forty years later and 3,000 miles from their original stomping ground—from Even Dozen to a duo—John Sebastian and David Grisman reunite to record Satisfied

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Carl Gustafson likens Bobby Rush to a cherry, and somehow it actually makes sense

On The Record: Joshua Tree, now 20 years old, celebrates with a bonus CD and DVD. The Coolest Songs In The World: three CDs worth and undoubtedly growing; Bobby Rush, Willie Nelson, Dion, Sarah Vaughan and Nick Moss & the Flip Tops—if you can’t find something here you like, you’re not into music

Collecting: Many factors go into making a record “Collectible.” Arnie Goodman offers examples of what really jacks up demand

Also Appearing: Crossroads Guitar Festival: two DVDs of The Ultimate Guitar Fest, plus Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Dar Williams on DVD. Odetta and Friends of Jimmy Vivino, live in concerts. A few books, including Cousin Brucie (who else?) on Doo Wop.

Re.Issues: Vashti Bunyan and her one, incredible release: read all about it. Sleepy John Estes, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson and Badfinger all have excellent reissues, but Dopey, Grumpy and Sneezy do not

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