#41 November/December 2010

#41: November/December 2010
On the Cover: Melissa Caruso covers Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde. Photo by George Kopp.


A New Spin As brick-and-mortar falls prey to the Internet, innovative record stores stay one step ahead BY PETER LINDBLAD

Rule of Three There’s no formula for fame, but there is a roadmap for releases. PAUL AARONSON proves a theory


Ali GreenLetter from a Collector: Pet Sounds columnist Ali Green’s generation discovers that new music benefits from the old ways

Kickin’ in Your Stall: We pay to see stars but sometimes just get a lightbox with pinholes

Influences: Bill Kreutzmann & Mickey HartInfluences: From the band that popularized the two-drummer concept: Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, two driving reasons to be Grateful

On The Record: Eric Clapton’s latest reveals a mature Clapton. Reflection is in the air with the decade’s end: Gov’t Mule’s Mulennium, Foghat’s Last Train Home, and Dax Riggs’ Say Goodnight to the World. Raul Malo sums it up: we’re all Sinners & Saints

Re.Issues: Terry Knight and the Pack packed it in to start Grand Funk Railroad, but not before producing two collectible albums. Miles’ masterpiece, Bitches Brew, sounds young and fresh at 40, while Allan Sherman is just plain fresh

Pet Sounds: Young music, old format; Ali Green looks for new music and finds it on vinyl

Get A Grip: Merry Christmas, bring on the cheer. Now, damn it!

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Jimmy & David Ruffin poured their soul into music

What’d I Say: Some artists spark a fire, others keep piling on fresh fuel. Here’s to the Keepers of the Fire

Also Appearing: Watch the DVD (Nils Lofgren, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne), plan your festivals (Pitchfork, Rhythm & Roots), or kick back with a book (Sonny Rollins, Five Hundred 45s)

Collecting: What makes a collectible? Arnie Goodman provides case studies

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