#43 March/April 2011

#43: March/April 2011
On the Cover: Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack. Photo by George Kopp.


The Mardi Gras King Mac Rebennack, best known to fans as Dr. John and best known in the music world as the ultimate session man, has enjoyed a wild ride. Here’s a man who should be in every Hall of Fame

Selling Out: Commercials, TV, film and video games Artists get rich and famous, 30 seconds at a time


Suzanne CadgèneLetter from the Publisher: Information—when too much is not enough

Goodbye: Don Kirshner, who founded and cultivated a generation of tunesmiths

Darius Rucker & Jewel: Quality Time In The CountryInfluences: Darius Rucker and Jewel move their music to Nashville and release some southern comfort

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Like many things passed from father to son, the love of music can wound, then heal

On The Record: Jack White colors Wanda Jackson’s saucy music with his contemporary palette. Abigail Washburn has Bright Eyes for the Drive-By Truckers, who don Go-Go Boots for The Dead’s Road Trip Over the Rhine via Treme, causing Widespread Panic. Enough good music to make Corea, Clarke & White all Popa Chubby

Re.Issues: The Yardbirds played in the front ranks of the British Invasion, with Clapton, Beck and, last, Page, who piloted the band to the timeless Little Games. The Who’s luxury-box from Leeds and Johnny Cash’s Bootleg

Pet Sounds: ALI GREEN examines Nashville’s punk scene. Punk scene?

What’d I Say: JIM HYNES shows it only takes three to Tangle. Power to the Trios!

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: From 1966 to 1974, Atlantic Records and Percy Sledge made history. Then Sledge stopped

Also Appearing: KT Tunstall brings her infectious sound to NYC. Bigger-than-life Alexis Suter blows ’em away. The Rock Hall’s 25th Anniversary show starring the hip and famous; Rock Fantasy Camp with those who ain’t. Yet.

Collecting: Magic Sam died at 32, releasing only a few singles and two Delmark albums. ARNIE GOODMAN tells us why this guitarist is worth collecting

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