#46 September/October 2011

#46 September/October 2011
On the Cover: Béla Fleck. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi for Elmore.


A Boy’s Dream?
Livin’ the life, but able to blend in at the movies. Tour managers juggle the schedule, the crew, the public, their artists and sometimes even their own lives. MELISSA CARUSO unearths the incentives and insanities of the job

Banjo Man by Béla FleckI Play the Banjo
Undoubtedly the world’s premier banjo player, BÈLA FLECK talks about his singular instrument, his multifaceted music, his thriving career and what it takes to be the best. Harmony by John McEuen and Yonder Mountain String Band’s Dave Johnston


Pilot Joe Jordan, Ted Nugent, Bob QuandtLetter from the Star/Stage: Ted Nugent has performed over 6,000 shows. It should surprise no one that The Nuge has an opinion about tour managers

Influences: Jeff Bridges & Dan AykroydInfluences: Academy Award winners with substantial music chops, Jeff Bridges and Dan Aykroyd act out their passions

On The Record: This seems to be the season for earth sciences: Bon Iver’s new album Bon Iver, which means “good winter” in French. Joe Bonamassa offers Dust Bowl, Beirut gets caught in The Rip Tide and the Black Lips tackle Arabia Mountain. Then you have Hot Tuna, Neil Young and the International Harvesters—who hopefully don’t wreak Mayhem (Imelda May) on Steve Cropper. Béla Fleck calls it Rocket Science

Re.Issues: Rory Gallagher lived a short but prolific life filled with energy and talent; Eagle Rock re-releases part of his legacy. Paul Simon to Peter Tosh, Alicia Keys to Amédé Ardoin, old greats become new again

Pet Sounds: From ? and the Mysterians to Ira and the Geeks, “Frontman and the Posse” remains a tried-and-true formula for bands’ names

What’d I Say: Mike Zito, Johnny Nicholas and others welcome blues hybrids into their repertoire. Lucky for us

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: John Kuroski offers a glimpse of Marvin Gaye’s short life and jagged career at Berry Gordy’s Motown and details What’s Goin’ On between the two

Also Appearing: Bonnaroo and Clearwater festivals had Elmore writers praying for an Endless Summer. Newbie Deer Tick and oldie Todd Rundgren came out to prove rock still rules

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Carl Gustafson waxes Biblical over a pint-sized angel with a talent as big as Heaven

Collecting: Arnie Goodman follows the twisted path of early Rolling Stones releases. Pay attention, you’re gonna need GPS for this one

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