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Foster and Lloyd – It’s Already Tomorrow




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Foster and Lloyd
It’s Already Tomorrow
(’Effin ’Ell)

If there was any justice in Nashville, Foster and Lloyd would’ve been Brooks & Dunn. Incredibly influential in the ’80s, the duo unknowingly pioneered the Americana genre with their country harmony, jangly rock ‘n’ roll guitars and quirky compositions. After three must-have albums, they split up in 1990, each attaining a respectable solo following. A 2010 fundraiser reunited them onstage and it went so well that it resulted in It’s Already Tomorrow.

The kickin’ rhythm section is Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson and drummer Keith Brogdon. Foster strums and sings like old times, proving he hasn’t lost an inch. His warm self-assured vocals contain a hint of twang, and when combined with Lloyd’s ever-present harmonic overlay, all roads lead to Everly country. Lloyd is still the string scientist on mandolin, lead guitar and bass, even adding piano to his arsenal. Beth Nielsen Chapman adds her silken vocal touch to the irresistible rocker “Lucky Number.” E Street Band bassist Garry Tallent supplies acoustic bass on the beautiful closer, “When I Finally Let You Go.” Foster and Lloyd, welcome back!

—Mike Greenblatt

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