#50 May/June 2012

#50 May/June 2012
On the Cover: Grace Potter Performs at Grand Point North in Burlington, Vermont. Photograph by Adrien Broom.


Music Festivals: The Madding CrowdIt’s a party! The good, the bad and the homely gather, hoot and holler. MELISSA CARUSO takes us on a visit to the cult we call music festivals, complete with tips from fans, performers and promoters alike on how to have fun on a farm with your 999,999 best friends

Built to last: George Wein started off a jazz pianist and became a legendary promoter, setting a standard for the world. Newport was never the same after George


Letter from the Founders: Turning 50Letter: Elmore finds its way to 50. Founders Arnie Goodman and Suzanne Cadgene renew their Elmore vows and announce a new (digital) baby

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, interviews, reviews. Go meet Elmore at shows and compare notes!

You can't see them, but they're everywhere - Three stars behind radio: Little Steven Van Zandt, Alice Cooper and Cousin Bruce MorrowInfluences: You can’t see them, but they’re everywhere – Three stars behind radio: Little Steven Van Zandt, Alice Cooper and Cousin Bruce Morrow

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Carl Gustafson opens his roll top desk to find his better self and the friends he hasn’t yet met

On The Record: The Boss’ band has seen losses in the past few years, but with Wrecking Ball, Springsteen and the E Street Band push through to new ground. The Civil Wars’ wax romantic (how’s that?) on their debut album; likewise Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band puts forth a first (say what?); 11 songs in 13 days by Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, the Mastersons (who’s who?); recent Grammy-winner for Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding releases a terrific fourth album (no kidding)

Re:Issues: An old, new release from the genius that was Arthur Lee and Love, ahead of their time and behind on recognition. Read about their influences; hear his solo soul 100%. Pink Floyd’s The Wall: hear 27 demos and watch the DVD on the Experience Edition

Pet Sounds: Ali Green looks back and counts down her colorful Top Ten Bands list, which includes Black, White and Pink (no, not that one)

What’d I Say: Something old, something new, some songs covered, some songs blue, Jim Hynes has a few for you

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: John Kuroski finds that Chicago DJ Richard Pegue may have been mad, may have been genius, but he certainly had soul

Also Appearing: The Robert Glasper Experiment paid off at the Highline Ballroom; Gregg Rolie, late of Santana and Journey

Collecting: Arnie Goodman chooses his favorite 50 albums from his collection of 10,000. Good luck re-filing them, dude

Get to Know 20: Great Singles Released 50 Years Ago

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