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Keith Richards Names Jack White As Potential Stones Producer

White (left), Richards (center) and Jagger during the filming of Shine A Light in 2008

For one second, imagine if guitar mastermind Jack White, produced one of the most successful rock bands of all time, the Rolling Stones, next record. That one second could turn into reality with Keith Richards saying, “That’s always a possibility. The door is wide open.” Richards has revealed that he and White have recorded a couple of tracks together and they could be released in the coming months.

Richards told Rolling Stone magazine that he “Enjoy[ed] working with Jack. We’ve done a couple of tracks. I don’t know if [Jack] ever considered that it was actually, like, master cuts. But at the same time if Jack wanted to do it, I’d probably say, ‘Yeah.’ I know Jack pretty well. He’s a lovely player.”

The Rolling Stones plan to have a London meeting in July to discuss the future of a 50-year anniversary tour (including festivals and television appearances), and the potential of a Jack White-produced album. If the two mammoth names in rock were to collaborate, the album would surely help the Rolling Stones dip into the younger audience that Jack White has been able to impress for years (not that the Stones need any help getting recognized). 

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