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KISS Seal Up Merchandising Deal With Family Guy

Glam rock phenomenons KISS are to expand their merchandise line through a partnership with Fox’s animated TV show Family Guy. The deal arranged by KISS’ long time manager Doc McGhee between Fox Consumer Products and Live Nation Merchandising will bring stores more plush toys, bobble heads, bar-wear and apparel adorned with KISS themed Family Guy imagery.

KISS are no strangers to the show, with lead character Peter Griffin honored to have had his wife ‘dated’ by bassist and floppy-tongued Lothario Gene Simmons.

KISS have now capitalized on four decades worth of merchandising with fans lapping up t-shirts and memorabilia from the band since 1972. In fact, KISS were pioneers in exploiting fan dedication; lead singer Paul Stanley could not mask his pride claiming the band have earned over $1 billion in merchandise sales over the years.

Jeffrey Godsick president of Fox Consumer Products stated “KISS and Family Guy coming together for a line of products is a great mash-up of two iconic brands that speaks directly to fans who will be able to enjoy something a little different and special with what we have in store.”

KISS will be on a tour of the US this summer with fellow rockers Mӧtley Crüe. Don’t forget your wallet.

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