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Martin Sexton – Fall Like Rain (Kitchen Table)




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In Martin Sexton’s latest studio effort, a five-song EP, the outspoken and highly talented singer-songwriter follows up 2010’s Sugarcoating LP, and its politically-charged title cut, with a comfortable blend of truth-seeking “soul-shouts” and the thoughtful, story-like compositions that have defined his career.

Never shy about recording or performing hits of past, Sexton revives Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and propels its profound message into the 21st century.  Though “only” a cover, Sexton uses the opportunity to showcase his moody finger-picking guitar work, rebranding a classic with his awakened touch.  It’s no coincidence that this tune appears on the successor to Sugarcoating. To Sexton’s presumed dismay, however, the lyrics have as much relevance today as they did a few decades ago.

If the Springfield statement wasn’t enough to inspire Sexton’s loyal band of “truthers”, he takes another peaceful swing at the establishment with the sweetly melodic “One Voice Together”.  “There’s no left and right; no red and blue; no black and white.  There’s just me and you.”  Hallelujah, Marty.  For what’s it’s worth, the abbreviated Fall LIke Rain EP speaks volumes.  Keep up the good fight.

– David Simchock

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