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UK Artists Attack Google For Allowing Music Piracy

Music piracy is always a contentious subject between music fans and musicians, each of whom find fault in the other for the practice. But now, a collection of luminaries in British pop and rock are taking a stand against what they believe to be the real cause of illegal downloading: Google.

The Daily Mail reports that a collection of British music stars, including Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Brian May, and more have signed a letter addressed to British Prime Minister David Cameron to implement guidelines that would sever the internet connection of any person found downloading media illegally.

In the letter, the stars point to search engines like Google as being a gateway to downloading music illegally, and that strengthening these laws would force Google’s hand into taking a stronger stance against illegal downloading sites.

For its part, Google has denied claims that they are soft on downloading, pointing out that they remove close to 1 million links a month at the request of record labels and publishing companies.

The letter comes only a week after a report in the BBC found that Google has had more requests to remove illegal links in the first six months of 2012 than it has in the entirety of 2011.

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