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Kings Of Leon Promise New Album “Somewhere In The Near Future”

Kings Of Leon are one of the most popular rock bands in the word right now, but they may also be one of the most frustrating bands to like. In recent years, their musical exploits have taken a back seat to highly-publicized accounts of inter-band tension, drug abuse, and other standard rock star things. Therefore, it’s good to hear that the brothers Followill are getting back to what matters: the music.

Leon guitarist Jared Followill has told BBC1 Radio the words that many of the band’s fans want to hear: Kings Of Leon are currently in the studio ready to start work on their next album. Followill wouldn’t commit to much in terms of concrete details, but he did reveal that the band are in the process of looking for a new producer and that the record was more likely to happen sooner rather than later.

Jared also revealed that he was galvanized to keep Kings Of Leon going after finishing an album with Smoke & Jackal, a side project he started with Nick Brown of the band Mona. Jared told BBC that working on the side project “got my creative juices flowing again and just doing something completely different, I feel like it could bring more creativity to our band.” Jared also noted that his brother, singer Caleb Followill, has been “writing a lot, and I think it’s going really well.”

Kings Of Leon released their last album, Come Around Sundown, in 2010. The band took an extended break after a disastrous 2011 during which a world tour was cancelled following a bust-up between the brothers in Dallas. Rumors then persisted that the band was forcing Caleb into rehab or out of the band entirely. From the sound of things, though, any differences between the siblings appear to be in the past.

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