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Preservation Hall 50th Anniversary Collection On Its Way

We’re going to take you back to 1960s New Orleans, to the heart of its French Quarter. Ease on down to 728 St. Peter’s Street, and you’ll hear that trombone sliding and the trumpeter blaring the breath out of his cheeks. Let that clarinetist show you the scales while the piano player chases the keys in the background.

Even though the days of 1960s New Orleans are far behind us, you can still experience the music that has made New Orleans what it is for locals, tourists and of course, the musicians themselves. Legacy Recordings is releasing The Preservation Hall 50th Anniversary Collection. The massive 4-disc, 58-track box set brings some of that old southern charm to life and adds some musical treats such as Pete Seeger, Tom Waits and Andrew Bird. The collection also includes some unreleased tracks from the 1960s, 70s and 80s that Preservation Hall producer and musician Ben Jaffe saved from Hurricane Katrina. Drawing from 19 albums that were recorded and released over a period of 48 years, the collection seamlessly slides up and down the jazz timeline. The Preservation Hall 50th Anniversary Collection box set will be released on September 25. See you in New Orleans.

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