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The Killers Team Up With Director Werner Herzog

The Killers are not new to the spotlight. The rock band hit the charts with Hot Fuss and kept it running with electric pop-rock songs that told tales of glitz and disillusionment reminiscent of old-time Hollywood glam and their own Las Vegas home. Now the Killers get to be in a different spotlight—a camera spotlight.

Next month, director Werner Herzog will be overseeing a live webcast of the band in concert. The event is the latest installment of American Express’ Unstaged series, which teams up the musical talents of popular bands with the visual prowess of big name directors. Past dynamic duos have included Jack White with Gary Oldman, Arcade Fire with Terry Gilliam and John Legend and the Roots with Spike Lee. Herzog, whose resume includes films such as Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Grizzly Man and Rescue Dawn, will be putting his own unique spin on the project. Herzog allegedly hopes to put a camera in the hand of a crowd-surfer and perhaps even have some animal participation. All in all, the show sounds like it’ll be pretty wild.

The Killers’ Unstaged show is set for September 18 at 7 P.M. at the Bronx’s Paradise Theater, and you can check it out on Youtube afterwards. The Killer’s new album, Battle Born, drops that same day.  

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