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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Loses Cool, Checks into Rehab

Once again, it’s just a day in the life of a rock star. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong made quite a scene at Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas, when he flew into a rage once he realized the band had only one minute left in its set. Fittingly, the frontman flipped out during “Basket Case,” exhibiting his very colorful vocabulary, smashing his gold Les Paul and then flipping the bird. In summary, it was a fun, wholesome night with treats for the whole family. Two days later, the band posted a note on their Facebook page indicating that Billie Joe is now in rehab seeking treatment for his substance abuse problems. The band also apologized to everyone at the iHeartRadio festival. Due to Armstrong’s recent admittance into rehab, the trio will be postponing some of their upcoming appearances. Uno!, the first part of the band’s new album trilogy, comes out this week.  

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