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Sex Pistols Video Released 35 Years Late

There’s “delayed” like being 15 minutes late to work, or there’s “delayed” like your flight is leaving an hour later than expected. But the new Sex Pistols video is giving new meaning to the word.

The video is for the single “Holidays in the Sun” from Never Mind the Bollocks. Yes, the Never Mind the Bollocks that came out in 1977. We told you it was a bit delayed. 35 years delayed, that is. The group’s documentarian Julien Temple made the video by editing together video from their trip to Berlin back in 1977. The live footage comes from an unannounced show the band did in Penzance, England. As we said, the video might be pretty late, but it still comes out just in time for the release of the Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols Super Deluxe Box Set, which is due out on September 24. 

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