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Songwriter Sues Muse for Copyright Theft

So you know that crazy, unique sci-fi space odyssey theme that Muse rocked on 2009’s Resistance? Well, one songwriter doesn’t think that whole “sci-fi space odyssey” bit is all that unique. In fact, he claims Muse stole it from him.

Charles Bollfrass is asking for $3.5 million from Warner Music because he claims Muse stole his “cinematic science-fiction rock opera” idea for their “Exogenesis” songs. Bollfrass claims that he pitched a sci-fi rock opera called “Exogenesis” to Muse and two other bands in 2005.

“The claim is complete nonsense,” said Muse in a statement. The band says that it never even saw the screenplay and challenges the validity of a claim made three years after the album’s release. Bollfrass says his rock opera was about humanity’s quest to save itself through space exploration. Muse’s “Exogenesis” trilogy shares the same theme. Bollfrass also claims the band stole the cover image for Resistance from storyboards for his rock opera.

Apparently there are plenty of sci-fi space rock odysseys about humanity’s epic quest for survival….who knew? 

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