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Coming In Issue #53: Behind The Glass

Look for an insider’s interview with engineer Bob Clearmountain, who’d like to take a crack at a contemporary country record but keep it in the vein of  Waylon Jennings,  Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.  “More modern, but not to the point where they sound so slick and shiny,” he told Elmore.  “I don’t mean to insult anybody, but some of these records all start to sound the same.  They’re just too perfect.
“I’m interested in everything, anything that’s well done and good and has great songs,” Clearmountain continued. “It’s all about the songs, and that’s why I love working with Springsteen so much.  He taught me how important the melody is, and how important the character of the song is about. It’s important in the mixing, and the production.”

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