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Patti Smith Planning Sequel to Memoir

Patti Smith published her first memoir, Just Kids, in 2010, and while it was an excellent book, some would argue that it didn’t necessarily give fans what they wanted. The book eschewed a good portion of her musical career, focusing instead on her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Those hoping to hear Patti’s take on her own career are in luck, though; the singer/songwriter announced that she’s working on the sequel to Just Kids that will focus on “family, Fred, music.”

“Fred” refers to Smith’s late husband, guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith of the MC5. Smith has said that her new record will focus on her relationship with her husband and its connection to her music in the same way that Just Kids focused on her relationship with Mapplethorpe and its connection to her career in art.

Smith was also quick to acknowledge that her story isn’t the stereotypical rock star story, telling Billboard that “I don’t have a big rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, a sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll story to tell. I think I have a better story than that. Through rock ‘n’ roll I traveled the world, worked with my late brother, and best of all, that’s how I met Fred. It changed my life in so many ways.”

Smith expects to finish the book sometime in 2013, a year in which she says she will be working on several projects simultaneously: “I may have just reached Social Security age, but I’m far from retiring.”

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