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MGMT Talk Up New, Spacey Third Album

MGMT new albumMGMT took the rock world by storm with their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, and its ubiquitous hits “Kids” and “Electric Feel.” Then, they threw people for a loop with their challenging, obtuse follow-up, 2010’s Congratulations. Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the band revealed that they’re at work on a third album tentatively ready for June of this year.

The band have been recording in upstate New York with producer Dave Fridmann, who previously worked with The Flaming Lips. Naturally, things have gotten weirder for the band’s music as a result; they’ve been experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines in the process of writing the songs for this record. The album will feature songs with titles like “Mystery Disease” and “Alien Days”; they also recorded a cover of the Sixties garage-rock obscurity “Introspection” by Faine Jade. The band also claim that they haven’t been pressured by Columbia Records to make a more accessible record after Congratulations was something of a commercial non-starter; vocalist Andrew VanWyngarten claims that “there’s no illusion on their part that we’re going to become a Top 40 band.”

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