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Details Revealed on Brian Wilson Biopic

20130117-brianwilson-x600-1358460617It’s one of Hollywood’s favorite trends: the music biopic. Now Beach Boy Brian Wilson will receive the star treatment in the new Love & Mercy. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the movie will be a bit different from other biopics. Love & Mercy will cover a large span of time from a young Wilson’s days with the Beach Boys to his departure and further conflicts later on in life. Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine) will be playing the younger version of Wilson. The older version of Wilson has not yet been cast. Bill Pohlad, who is known primarily for producing films such as Tree of Life and Into the Wild, is set to direct. Oren Moverman, who co-wrote 2007’s Bob Dylan movie I’m Not There, also wrote the screenplay for Love & Mercy. “I am thrilled that Paul Dano has signed on to play me during one of my most creative explosions and most fulfilling musical times in my career,” Wilson told Rolling Stone. “I still can’t believe how cool it is that my life will be portrayed on the big screen.”

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