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John Stamos and Danger Mouse to Join Black Keys on New Album

the_black_keysThe Grammys treated the Black Keys well this year. The duo won big with Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song for “Lonely Boy” and Best Rock Album for “El Camino.” And Dan Auerbach also won Producer of the Year (Non-Classical). If you’ve heard the Black Keys, then all of this makes perfect sense. The Black Keys’ new album has been in the works for a little while now, and after the recent Grammy wins, we’re sure that both old and new fans will be anxiously awaiting the new release. And this new release will also feature a very special guest—Uncle Jesse.

“We’re working with John Stamos,” Carney said. “He’s actually performing the drums on our album.” Stamos, known as the cool, impressively-coiffed “Uncle Jesse” on Full House, has been an on-and-off drummer for the Beach Boys for several years.

The Keys will also be teaming up with one of their favorite collaborators, producing extraordinaire Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton. As far as how it’s going to pan out with Burton this time, Auerbach and Carney aren’t so sure yet.

“We’re basically going to make this record more like we made Brothers, where we had some help from Brian but we did a lot of it on our own,” Carney said. “We’re just going to play it by ear and when we do need help, we’ll ask for Brian to come in and help us out. He’s kind of our guy.”

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