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McLovin Battles Cult in New Unknown Mortal Orchestra Video

imagesIt’s always awkward seeing an ex-girlfriend of yours. Especially when they’re in a weird, scary hippie cult. That’s what happens to McLovin (a.k.a Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new video for “So Good at Being in Trouble.” And trouble is definitely what Mintz-Plasse gets when he sees a familiar face dancing on Venice Beach. Mintz-Plasse then tries to infiltrate the cult headquarters, where girls in pink dresses and face paint dance around their seriously skeevy leader. But sometimes those cult people just don’t fight fair. By the end, we don’t know whether or not Mintz-Plasse was successful, but he’s in pretty rough shape. New Zealand’s indie/psychedelic rockers released the new video in time to celebrate the release of their second album, II, which dropped yesterday. You can check out the video for “So Good at Being in Trouble.” Also, try not to get into any fights with cult people. That never ends well.

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