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Muse Releases New Video for “Animals”

Muse-Animal-642x362Just in time for tax day, Muse has a brand new video that shows the horror of Uncle Sam and financial tyrants. But beware, because this video might just give you nightmares. Dark, cynical and utterly morose, the new animated video for “Animals” depicts a dystopia inhabited by a group of villainous, money-obsessed characters who drain their society of every penny it owns. The poor, sad residents have to give an arm and a leg to make these suit-and-ties happy. Literally. You know exactly who the “animals” are in the video when the greedy antagonists literally take people’s limbs to fuel a machine that magically turns body parts into money. This dark fairy tale takes a darker turn when the money they’ve earned still isn’t enough and greed causes the suit-and-ties to turn on each other. This video was the winner of a video competition which the band started via “Animals” comes off of Muse’s latest album, The 2nd Law, which came out last year. You can see the video for “Animals” below.

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