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Phoenix Releasing Deluxe Edition of New Album With 71 Bonus Tracks

Phoenix Bankrupt! new albumWow. Phoenix must like you a lot. The band could just release their new album on its own, but they’re also going to treat fans with a deluxe version chock full of goodies for all to enjoy. The deluxe edition of Bankrupt! will feature 71 bonus tracks—over an hour’s worth of extra material. The material will be demos and sketches from their Bankrupt! sessions. Bankrupt! on its own features 10 tracks and runs for 41 minutes. So basically, the material on the deluxe version will be like a whole separate album. Two Phoenix albums for the price of one? We’re not complaining. You can get the deluxe version of Bankrupt! by pre-ordering the album through iTunes. Or if you’re just looking to buy the album on its own, it will drop on April 23.

Bankrupt! tracklist:

1. Entertainment

2. The Real Thing

3. S.O.S. in Bel Air

4. Trying to be Cool

5. Bankrupt!

6. Drakkar Noir

7. Chloroform

8. Don’t

9. Bourgeois

10. Oblique City

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