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Van Halen Dismiss Rumored European Tour

Van Halen tour dates David Lee RothYesterday, Van Halen singer David Lee Roth sparked excitement among the band’s fanbase when he told reporters that Van Halen would be embarking on a 50-to-60-date European tour starting at the end of the year. As it turns out, Van Halen fans shouldn’t get their hopes up: Irving Atzoff, the band’s manager, told Rolling Stone that no tour dates have been planned at all.

The band cancelled an extensive tour last year without warning, sparking rumors that Roth and Eddie Van Halen weren’t getting along (again) and that the band was going to break up (again). Later, it was revealed that the tour was cancelled because Eddie had been diagnosed with severe diverticulitis and needed the time to recover.

As of right now, Van Halen only have a handful of festival dates planned for the coming year. Atzoff said that nothing more would be scheduled for the band “unless something special comes up.”

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