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Muse Release New Video for “Panic Station”

museYes, Muse usually tends to be all about politics, dystopias and revolutions, but in their new video for “Panic Station,” the band shows that it has a sense of humor. In fact, in this video, Muse just gets all kinds of psychedelic and weird. The video has the band strutting through the streets of Tokyo dressed up in studs, furs and super tight, neon-colored spandex. And that’s not all; it gets weirder. And when we say “weird,” we mean there’s a giant King Kong creature, a dancing T-Rex, a dancing octopus and a countless number of glitzy, disco dance poses. There are no evil political overlords here; just a whole bunch of funk and spandex. “Panic Station” comes off of 2012’s The 2nd Law. You can watch the video for “Panic Station” here.

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