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The Kinks’ Dave Davies Announces New Album

Dave Davies I Will Be MeThe Kinks may be well and done, but guitarist/songwriter Dave Davies is still going strong. Now, the former Kink is back with a new album, I Will Be Me, set for release on June 4th.

Davies’ new album features a diverse list of guest stars, including The Jayhawks, Anti-Flag, Dead Meadow, Oli Brown, and Geri X. While each of the guests will likely bring a unique flavor to Davies’ songs, Davies has such an irrepressible identity that it’s hard for anything he writes and performs to sound like anything but him.

I Will Be Me comes out June 4th. Check out the tracklist below:

1. Little Green Amp
2. Livin’ In The Past
3. The Healing Boy
4. Midnight In L.A.
5. In The Mainframe
6. Energy Fields
7. When I First Saw You
8. The Actress
9. Erotic Neurotic
10. You Can Break My Heart
11. Walker Through The Worlds
12. Remember The Future
13. Cote Du Rhone (I Will Be Me)

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