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Unseen Rolling Stones Photos Featured At London Gallery

The Rolling Stones photos eric swayneNew, unseen photographs of the Rolling Stones from the 1960s will be shown for the first time at a London Gallery after the photos were discovered. The exhibition, entitled The Stones and Their Scene, runs through July 28th.

The photos are the work of Eric Swayne, a photographer who rubbed elbows with the elite of Swingin’ London in the ’60s. After Swayne died in 2007, his son Tom found the photos in a box in Swayne’s attic. Inside were photos of Jagger, Richards, Jones, Wyman, and Watts, along with other celebrities of the time like Catherine Deneuve and Pattie Boyd (who was Swayne’s girlfriend until she met George Harrison on the set of A Hard Day’s Night)

In an interview with The Guardian, Tom said that he had no idea of his father’s life among music royalty. “By the time I was growing up in the 70’s, [Eric] was working in commercial advertising and fashion. We just had no idea how involved he had been in that whole scene.”

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