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Pixies Release Second “Bagboy” Video

ff198677Why have one video when you can have two? Hey, why not? It’s not like we’re complaining. The Pixies recently released a video for “Bagboy,” the band’s first new song since 2004. But that video just didn’t seem to be enough for the band, which just released another video inspired by a piece of art by Vaughan Oliver called Bagboy.

The new video, which was created by Kestrel Media, is an artsy mixed-media piece that features 3D sketches, old TV clips and random images. “We didn’t set out to have two music videos for ‘Bagboy,’ but once we saw both of these, we knew we didn’t want to use just one,” Pixies vocalist Black Francis told Rolling Stone. “They’re so good, so creative, and each in its own way, and both made by up-and-coming filmmakers.”

Francis described the new video as “really in keeping with Vaughn Oliver’s artwork and character of ‘Bagboy.’ And look, who says you can’t have two videos for a song that show two completely different perspectives? Not us.”

You can watch the second “Bagboy” video here

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