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Johnny Marr Tells Smiths Fans To “Find A Hobby”

Johnny Marr The Smiths reunionFormer Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has been on the road for the past year behind his new album The Messenger, but Marr’s re-emergence in music hasn’t stopped fans of his former band from asking that very familiar question: when are the Smiths getting back together? From the way Marr tells it, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

“If people get genuinely upset and frustrated that four men who last played together 25 years ago are doing other things, then those people need to go and find a hobby,” Marr told the Japan Times. “If the band split up two years ago, it might be a different matter. But 25 years? Come on.”

Marr’s harsh words aren’t anything new from him or his former bandmate Morrissey, both of whom have steadfastly refused to reunite the band that made them famous. Both Morrissey and Marr famously turned down an offer of $5 million to reunite at the Coachella festival in 2006.

Marr, for his part, is happy to be on his own: “Nothing has happened since the day I left [The Smiths] that has made me think it was the wrong decision.”

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